Top 3 Reasons to Practice Yoga

I have dedicated clients coming to me 2-3 times per week working hard towards their physical exercise goals but not realizing they are burnt out and over worked both mentally and physically. That’s when I propose to them, “Why don’t we do Yoga today?”.

A few clients weren’t quite sure at first but at the end of the session when I ask them “how do you feel now?” they respond “it was exactly what I needed”.

yoga benefits

Yoga has many benefits but here are the top 3:

Increased Flexibility

Clients come to me with aches and pain and tightness in their muscles all the time and mostly because they don’t put importance on stretching and relaxation. The physical aspect of Yoga in definition is stretching with the breath connecting the mind and the body. This helps people improve their daily lives just in getting up off the floor, running a marathon to playing ones favorite sport better. It’s amazing the increased flexibility clients will experience right after only one session of Yoga and then they crave more.

Reduced Stress

Breathing relaxes the mind and can often have a relaxing effect on the body. We breathe constantly throughout our day however most of the time we are not even aware of it. How often are you breathing deeply into your whole body? I would say the majority of people breathe only into their chest which is shallow breathing and is a major contributor to stress and anxiety. Practice belly breathing to help calm the mind and body and thus reducing stress in our body.

Increased Clarity, Concentration and Creativity

Clients feel rejuvenated and clearer after Yoga. They have taken the time to slow down, focus on themselves and what’s going on in the present. Yoga has a way of helping people clear their minds by shifting the focus to the breath. Through practice people develop more awareness and can often shift their thoughts and quiet the mind creating more space for creativity.

Have you tried Yoga? What helps you relax and de-stress?

Author: Carrie Brown, Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer

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